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Blackboxxx has been and remains the leading address for parties and afterhours in Munich.

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Every weekend we surprise our customers with new and stunning erotic shows. When the audience get involved, things get more than a little wild!

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Enjoy non-stop strips and
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We carefully select the most dazzling ladies – meeting different tastes of true gentlemen

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Our Blackboxxx Champagne Bar fulfills the most delicate wishes!

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Blackboxxx is the first address for mature entertainment in Munich

About us

The insider’s tip for adult entertainment in Munich’s Center: Blackboxx. If you haven’t spent at least one night at this gentlemen’s club, then your life has been in vain. This is Munich’s wildest strip club in a cosmopolitan city with an otherwise slow nightlife scene. Bavaria’s capital leaves much to be desired when it comes to finding an afterhour party, and is often frustrating to visitors and locals alike due to its lack of quality entertainment for night owls. Everything is off-limits. While this hasn’t always been the case, it is an indication of how far things have now come in Munich. Fortunately, there is one notable exception for the discerning man. At Blackboxx, an exclusive gentlemen’s club nestled among the new hotel palaces right next to the Central Train Station, you’ll find twenty different high class ladies dancing every night.
The “Eva” Floors feature sexy girls to provide a tingling, floating sensation. While these ladies are within reach, they are not to be touched, yet are still rained upon with hundreds of dollars every night; a privilege Greece doesn’t get to enjoy at the moment. These vixens pole dance with such seduction that trouser snakes make their presence known in the audience, at times rising to the occasion in a private room – for the exclusive Blackboxx Boy.
Around midnight, things turn lively in the modern close combat hall. The girls bathe centre stage, making it no exaggeration to crown them the cleanest girls on Goethestr. In addition to a rise in bubbly (i.e. Champagne) consumption, Blackboxx management also registers a spike in water and shampoo consumption. Now that’s a show! With all the sexy girls, table dances, and pole dances, temperatures indeed get hot at Blackboxx. Be it royal nobility or men with fast cash, the air conditioning can barely to contain the heat generated among guests, especially when it comes to bachelor parties. The big city club is the best bar for the greatest afterhour sensations a man will find, offering up a proper orgy of gentlemen’s entertainment during the 16 days of Oktoberfest to the beats of techno, hip hop, garage and Latin American hits.
Unfortunately, the ravishing Blackboxx girls from all over the world do not remain on our stages for long, as they are inevitably married and swept away. To name but a few examples, erotic star Lucie married an American millionaire, while a wildly successful Munich restaurateur fell in love with a Eva and turned her into a bright star on the city’s gastronomy firmament.


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twerking 3


If a girl has a full sexy booty, then she must know how to twerk it, but we have some ladies that ar…

3. July 2015

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Latest Girls



Name: Nicole Birthday: 06.07.1991 Nationality: Romanian Height: 162 cm Weight: 46 kg Measurements: 85C – 63 -89 Eye Color: Hazel Hair: long/ dark blond
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Name: Isabella Birthday: 13.02.1987 Nationality: Latvia Height: 167 cm Weight: 50 kg Measurements: Eye Color: Green Hair: middle/ grey light Blond
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Name: Tamila Birthday: 02.02.1992 Nationality: Ukraine Height: 164 cm Weight: 52 kg Measurements: Eye Color: Hazel Hair: long/Black
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